Baby Pillow

Keep Your Baby Comfortable and Safe with the Best Memory Foam Pillow by My Little Bee!

Eliminate the risk of baby flat head syndrome or plagiocephaly and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your baby stays perfectly protected during sleep.
My Little Bee memory foam pillow has been specifically designed to instantly adopt the natural curves of your baby’s head, neck and shoulders and help them maintain proper alignment during sleep.

Soft and Breathable for Superior Comfort

Made with soft, yet firm memory foam that provides maximum comfort, while allowing your baby’s sensitive skin to breathe, this pillow will make sure your baby enjoys a good night’s sleep, without sweating.

What is more, the hypoallergenic, Jacquard-Weave pillow case is carefully designed to keep skin irritations and rashes at bay, while effectively absorbing moisture.

Suitable for Your Growing Baby

Designed for infants between 0-12 months, this memory foam pillow is a must have for every new mom. Practical and highly effective, it is also a thoughtful gift for baby showers and soon to be mommies!

Easy to Carry With You On the Go

This U-Shaped baby pillow is lightweight and compact in size, so it can be easily packed in your baby bag and taken with you on all your travels.

Our Promise to You

My Little Bee memory foam pillow is backed by a 100% money back guarantee of complete satisfaction.

So, what are you waiting for?

Be the best mom you can be and grow a healthy, happy baby!

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